Baby Massage

Baby Massage

Massage has many other added benefits for your baby, including improving weight gain, aiding digestion, improving circulation, and easing teething pain. It also provides a great opportunity for fathers to spend quality time with their babies. Giving your baby regular massages is good for their emotional well-being too, as it establishes a close, loving communication and relationship with your baby.


Giving your baby a massage is as simple as it is enjoyable. All you need is 10 to 15 minutes. Here are three tips to help your Baby Massage time be relaxing and enjoyable.


1. When is the Best time to massage my baby?

A good time to massage baby is in between feeds. Then they won’t be too hungry or full. If your baby is quietly alert and interested in their environment, it means they’ll be ready to interact with you. A great time for a massage is before bedtime as it will help to calm your baby and get them ready for sleep.


2. What do I need to massage my baby?

Before you begin, make sure the room is warm and quiet. Take off any jewellery that may get in the way. It is best having everything to hand that you’ll need, including:

– Baby Massage Oil or Cream. It is best to dab a little on baby’s skin first just in case they have a reaction

– Towels or Muslin Squares

– Clothes to dress bubs in afterwards

– Nappy


3. How Should I Massage my Baby?

– To begin, strip your baby down to their nappy, and then lay them facing up on a soft towel or blanket, with a pillow under their head.

– For the first few times, you may just want to massage baby’s legs until they get used to the sensations.

– Try to follow a routine pattern, perhaps massaging your legs before arms, hands and body. Your baby will appreciate a routine, and they’ll find comfort in knowing what comes next.

– Warm a tiny squirt of oil or cream in your hands by rubbing your palms

– Very gently rub it into your baby’s skin, starting with their legs

– Work your way up their legs, lightly squeezing their calves and thighs

– To massage baby’s chest and tummy, gently place both hands flat against the centre of their body. Spread your hands to the sides, as if flattening the page of a book

– With your hands still flat, use your fingers to stroke outward in small circles

– Keep going for as long as baby is enjoying it!

– Reading your baby’s cues is the most important aspect of massage. Your baby will tell you when the massage needs to end, and which strokes they do and do not like.


Remember that massage is one of the most gratifying experiences that your baby can enjoy emotionally for healthy growth and development, and a beautiful and simple way for you, as a parent, to express your love for your baby.

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