Bathing your Newborn

Bathing your Newborn

Within the first two weeks of life when your baby still has its umbilical cord stump is the time where sponge baths will be sufficient enough to cleanse the baby. Simply lay the baby down on a blanket in a warm and comfortable room of the house, and you can use a damp cloth or sponge to carefully and gently clean between the folds of skin. You want to keep the umbilical cord stump dry though.

How Often?

One of the most asked questions is how often should you bathe your newborn. Typically, a newborn only needs to be washed around three times a week or as needed. Bathing a newborn too much can actually do more harm than good and can actually start to dry their very delicate and sensitive skin out.

Baby Tub

As the baby gets older, you can switch to the baby tub method for bathing your child. If you do not have a baby tub, then you can also use the tub or sink, but you will also want to line the tub or sink with a soft and clean towel.

Also, make sure you have all your supplies ready to go because you should never leave the baby unattended to grab something you may have forgotten.

About two inches or so of water is enough for bath time, and the water should be warm. It is important to make sure the temperature is warm and comfortable rather than too hot or too cold.

Always hold the baby securely during the entire bath, not just when you are cleaning them. Holding your child securely will award them with a more comfortable environment in which they feel safe, and it reduces the chance of any injury occurring due to the bath.

After the Bath

After the bath, you can apply lotion if you feel that your child’s skin is dry. Otherwise, just dry them off and put them in warm and clean clothes. If you find yourself using lotion after every bath, then there is a chance you are bathing them too much and drying their skin out.

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