Everything You Need To Know About Swaddling

Everything You Need To Know About Swaddling

A swaddle is a piece of fabric used to wrap baby. Swaddles are usually made with soft, natural materials that are gentle against baby’s delicate skin like cotton or bamboo. Swaddles come in a variety of colours and patterns. They also come in a variety of styles. There are swaddles to wrap baby by themselves and swaddles made to wrap baby against your body. What swaddle you choose depends entirely on your preferences.
Why You Should Swaddle
Swaddling has a number of great benefits. First of all swaddling helps protect baby against their own startle reflex. Secondly, swaddling helps baby settle down if they are overstimulated or excited. Finally, swaddling can help baby feel safe, warm, and comfortable when it’s time to sleep, which will help them fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. With all of these benefits it’s a good idea to consider swaddling your baby.
How To Swaddle
If you decide you want to try swaddling, here is how. Before getting started make sure that baby isn’t wet or hungry. If they are wet, swaddling can lead to skin irritation and issues. If they are hungry, they won’t be able to signal it’s time to eat. Also always keep your baby’s face and head uncovered, you will only swaddle their body. Here are the step by step instructions to properly and safely swaddle your baby:
1. Start by lying the swaddle out on a flat surface and then fold down the right corner (about 15 cm in toward the centre).

2. Then lay your baby on their back in the centre of the swaddle with their head on the folded right corner.

3. Next pull the left corner around your baby’s body, tucking the edge underneath the baby around their back.

4. Pull the bottom corner up to baby’s chin and tuck it under the fabric.

5. Take the right hand corner and wrap the rest of the fabric around baby and tuck under their side.
It’s important to note that some babies do not like being swaddled with their arms, so see how your baby responds and then swaddle them with their arms or without depending on their preference. Also, if you swaddle your baby when they are sleeping, make sure to remove the swaddle when they over on their tummy. Finally, don’t wrap baby too tight or it might become uncomfortable.
Swaddling is a great way to make baby feel safe and secure. So if you’ve received a swaddle try it out and see how your baby responds. You can also try swaddling your baby onto your body as a great way to encourage intimacy and closeness. Just make sure to follow these simple instructions and see how they like it!

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