How To Choose The Safest Baby Toys

How To Choose The Safest Baby Toys

The biggest problem when buying safe baby toys is determining if they pose a choking hazard to the child.

Toys should be fun and safe and a good way to help their development, but you have to remember that children are curious, and most of their toys will end up in their mouth at one time or another.

If you choose a toy that is made from any kind of material, check the tag to be sure that the material says flame resistant or flame retardant.

Also, is it washable? You will want to keep your child’s toys clean and sanitary to ensure their safety.

Always stay away from older toys. Older toys may contain lead paint or other toxic materials, and they may even fall apart due to age and wear and tear. Any toy that is falling apart can pose a choking hazard for the child.

Instead, choose newer toys that are labeled as nontoxic and say that they were made with lead-free paint.

Also, choose toys that are well made, bigger to prevent choking, and durable and nontoxic.
If you do give your child hand me down toys, then make sure you evaluate them thoroughly, as well as wash them to ensure that they are safe for your child.

Finally, follow all manufacturer recommendations when it comes to the toys you choose to ensure the safety of your child. Check the age guidelines and make sure that the toys meet all safety standards. 

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