Newborn Baby Essentials

Newborn Baby Essentials

  • A bassinet that complies with Australian safety standards.  
  •  A large range baby monitor.  
  •  Two or three sets of Bedding for the bassinet.  
  •  A new (not second-hand) basinet mattress.  
  •  Portable night lights you can move room-to-room.  

For the second part of baby’s daily routine, feeding essentials are:

  •  Adhesive Breast pads; a lifesaver to absorb leaks.  
  •  V-shaped feeding pillows will keep you both comfortable.  
  •  Formula that it is appropriate for a newborn.  
  •  Bottles and bottle sterilizers. Microwave steam sterilizers are fast and easy-to-use.  
  •  Bottles are worthless without teats; find ones that are age-appropriate.  

When it comes to the pooping, you’ll need to have:

  •  Nappies. Cloth or disposable, have plenty of them on hand at all times.  
  •  Nappy wipes  
  •  Changing table. Always keep one hand on baby at all times.  
  •  Barrier cream  
  •  Nail clippers or scissors  
  •  Bath towels. Have two so you’ll always have one on-hand.  
  •  Face cloths; rule-of-twos-applies.  

Other essential items for your newborn include:

  •  Clothing is minimal at the newborn stage, but have several singlets, body suits, and growsuits on hand. Socks, beanies, and sun hats are perfect for any outing.  
  •  For leaving the house, you’ll need a baby car seat or capsule, a pram or stroller with a rain/sun cover, and sun shades for the car windows.  
  •  Be sure that you have a large nappy-bag filled with all of your necessities including  nappies, nappy wipes, changing pads, and light blankets.  

When buying for your newborn, stick to the essentials that will be needed sooner than later. 

following our list, you’ll be prepared when you bring home your little bundle of joy.

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