Our Top 10 Tips on Capturing Beautiful Moments With Your Little One

Our Top 10 Tips on Capturing Beautiful Moments With Your Little One

9) Keep your camera on hand. Babies and toddlers are always exploring and trying out newthings. Have your camera ready to capture something amazing when it happens.  

8) Know your camera. Get familiar with your camera so you’ll know how to change lenses, turn off the flash, and change the shutter speed.  

7) Be stealth. The shots that really capture the right moments are those that are candid, so it’s important to be sneaky sometimes.  

6) Share the duties. Be sure that everyone gets to have moments with the little ones. Pass the
camera around often.  

5) Take it with you. Whenever you go out, take your camera to capture exciting moments
together outside of the house.  

4) Close ups. Don’t be afraid to get up-close-and-personal with your subjects.

3) Make it black and white. Taking out the color can make a picture look amazing. It softens everything and even camouflages small flaws.  

2) Set the mood. It’s okay to set up your shots to show Dad and baby in the recliner, or Mom and Junior in the kitchen.

1) Hire a professional. There is a time when only professional photographers can get the
moments you desire to see between you and your babies.  

It won’t be long before you say goodbye to the nappies and dummies, so get plenty of photos of them while they’re still around! 

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