Safe Teethers For Your Baby

Safe Teethers For Your Baby

If you are a new mum or even an experienced mum with more than one child, then you are well aware of the benefits a good teether can provide for both you and your child.

Teethers are devices that are designed with multi-textures that can soothe a child that is experiencing pain and pressure due to their teeth coming in.

There are several advantages to teethers:

  • They can be soft or firm and easy for the child to handle 
  •  The can be made from 100% Food Grade Silicon materials, Rubber, Wood or Natural Fabrics
  • They are easy to clean and sanitise
  • They come in lots of fun styles and designs
  • Designed to provide comfort during any stage of teething

An organic teether is a safe, effective, and all natural solution to teething. When searching for the perfect teether, you should always steer clear of any teethers that do not specify that they are BPA free. BPA is harmful to pregnant women as well as
children. Remember, though, even if it says BPA free, you will also want to ensure that is free of BPS as well because BPS can be just as toxic as BPA and a lot of companies have eliminated BPA and instead replaced it with BPS.

Rubber Teethers are made from all natural rubber, and they are hypoallergenic and safe for children. Medical-grade silicon is often used. If you are considering a rubber teether, keep in mind that they may contain some amount of latex proteins. Therefore, if the baby is allergic to latex, you will want to stay clear of this type of teether.

Natural fabrics also make a good item to employ for teething. The toys are made from organic cotton and are safe for children to use to soothe the pain they are experiencing due to teething. Organic cotton teethers come in all kinds of assorted designs and fun styles that are sure to keep the little one occupied and distracted.

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