Stocking Your Nursery with Organic Products

Stocking Your Nursery with Organic Products

If you are an expectant mother that is close to their due date, then you may be entering the nesting phase of your pregnancy. You will get a sudden burst of energy, and your mum instincts will kick in. You will want to run around and make sure that everything in the home is in proper order, clean, well-stocked, and ready for when baby arrives.

So, with that being said- how does the nursery look? Is it stocked with all the essential baby items you will need to get through the first few weeks with the baby?

Essential Items

Glider Rocker- Okay, this may not be completely essential, but trust me when I say that it can be a lifesaver. A glider rocker comes in an assortment of styles, colours, and designs and it is a quiet and comfortable chair that you can place in the nursery for when you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding your new addition or trying to rock them to sleep. You will be spending a lot of time in the nursery, so it is important that you have a comfortable space to relax in while tending to the baby

Diapers and other changing table essentials- It is good to stock up on diapers, baby wipes, powders, shampoos, baby washes, baby wipes, creams, washcloths, and anything else you can think of when it comes to the care and hygiene of your baby

Play mat, books, and toys- While you may not need these items right away, they will be an important element to introduce to your baby as they get older. Organic and eco-friendly toys are available that are safe for your child and will offer them plenty of hours of entertainment and creativity

It is best to get what you need before baby comes so that when you get home, you will have plenty of time to spend with the baby and bond, without worrying about running to the store because you forgot to load up on diapers and diaper rash cream.

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