The Benefits Of Natural Baby Products

The Benefits Of Natural Baby Products

A baby’s skin is sensitive and a lot thinner than our skin. It is also more absorbent than our skin which means that anything the baby comes in contact with can potentially be absorbed into their skin. It is recommended that you look at the ingredients found within any product you are considering using on your baby’s sensitive and susceptible skin.

Irritants Found in Baby Products

Many different irritants are found in baby products, and some may come as a surprise to you.

  • Mineral oil and petroleum jelly are ingredients that can leave the baby’s skin very dry and clog their pores. It can lead to a rash and skin irritation
  • Chemicals and dyes can also cause skin irritation and can even hurt the baby’s eyes and can be harmful or fatal if swallowed or put in their mouth
  • Detergents and other soaps that can be found in a variety of baby shampoos, lotions, and soaps can cause damage to the baby’s sensitive skin, eyes, and even their hair

Organic and Natural Baby Products

Organic and natural baby products are not made with these harsh ingredients and are safer to use on the baby’s skin and hair. Aromatherapy Baby Massage Oil is made with organic lavender and rose. It also contains chamomile healing oil and carrot oil. Lavender can help to reduce anxiety and can even improve your child’s sleeping habits.

Other natural ingredients that may be found in baby products include natural Vitamin E, olive oil, sweet almond oil, organic oat and rosewood, and jojoba oil. Each organic and natural ingredient boasts of its own health benefits.

Before using any product on your child, even if it claims to be all natural and organic, it is important that you review the listed ingredients to ensure you are using a safe and chemical free product that will not harm or irritate you baby’s smooth and sensitive skin
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