KawaiiDezigns - Baby Pink Chevron Tag Toy


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• Cognitive Development
• Sensory Development
• Fine Motor Skills
• Gross Motor Skills
• Jaw development
• Eye development
• Teething Gum Relief
• Naturally anti-bacterial
• Eco-friendly 🌿

The perfect compact tag toy for any teething baby or toddler.

These cute little wooden teething toys not only look colourful + eye-catching in contrasting colours, enhancing eye + cognitive development, but they provide relief for any sore teething gums. 

They have two durable textured double sided ribbons, smooth silk + corrugated grosgrain on each end that enhances sensory development, cognitive development + encourages the use of fine motor skills. 

They are sewn with a super strong durable triple stitch thread + made with good quality 100% natural organic cotton that gives light dribble absorbency so they will give relief from teething + entertain baby for hours + hours while out + about on the go.

They slide very easily into nappy bag pockets, taking up very little room + can be easily attached to prams, toy bars + hooked onto our universal pacifier clips.

They have a gorgeous thick durable beech wood ring that is naturally anti-bacterial + eco-friendly + is great for babies to grip around their tiny fingers + palms, encouraging fine + gross motor skills. Beech wood is a beautiful wood with a gorgeous natural flecky wood grain that is great for chewing, giving teething babies + toddlers a harder texture for their budding teeth + sore gums, + aiding in jaw development.

All the wooden pieces on our products are lightly coated with a certified organic blend of 100% natural botulism free bee's wax + olive oil to enhance the wood hygienically + increase durability.

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